Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's Just Not That Hard

                                       IT’S JUST NOT THAT HARD!!!

I recently read an article which totally overstated the complexity of obtaining and implementing credit card processing for internet merchants.  We have owned Card Solutions Int'l for 18 years and were one of the first agents actually licensed to work with ecommerce merchants.  Card Solutions Int'l was a beta agent for the AuthorizeNet Gateway back in 1997.  We have made the application process simple and we do the work for the merchant. Our merchants have no long term contracts to sign. Once the merchant is approved, WE do the programming of the software/gateway and hold their web developers' hands for the simple integration to their website. As for PCI compliance, WE assist our merchants with this process and we help them set all of the fraud controls available in their gateway in order to better protect their company. Many gateways today assist larger companies with storing their needed data so the merchant remains compliant but still has access to all of the information needed to conduct ongoing and recurring business transactions.
It's just not as difficult as this article makes it out to be. If you find it to be that difficult, you're working with the wrong processor. We at Card Solutions Int'l process for multi-million dollar corporations as well as mom and pop owned companies. We keep it simple and accomplish the task for the merchant on a very timely basis with no hassle to them.
Simple rates, simple integration…one stop shopping with Card Solutions Int’l.

With larger companies like PayPal and The Square, it is more difficult because you don't have anyone representing you with Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AMEX. Of course it doesn't help the merchant much when The Square doesn't really have a merchant services department to contact!!!

It's just NOT that hard if you work with the right professionals!!!!

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