Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Many merchants choose to go to major business warehouses for their credit card processing.  I agree that you should be able to enjoy that sense of security by doing business with a major business entity.  But you are about to learn differently.  Another....BUYER BEWARE!!!

A prospective merchant of mine was considering signing with a major wholesale warehouse for his credit card processing; store will remain unnamed.  He was quoted fees that were considerably lower than what Card Solutions Int'l quoted them.  So I chose to call this warehouse on his behalf in order to ask "the right questions".  What I found out was very disturbing.  First, this merchant will NOT be paying fees that were quoted to him.  Not being in the industry, this merchant did not know the right questions to ask.  So on the surface they appeared to be great.  Once I asked all of my questions, this warehouse ended up charging some of the worst fees in the industry.  They also expected him to lease his terminal (Final cost after 4 yrs was $1200) vs. purchasing it from me for $199.  It was also mandatory to pay them $4.95/month for some bogus insurance on the terminal.  When I asked about a terminal which reads chip cards he said it doesn't exist.  That is totally untrue; I place them now.

Basically any industry questions that were asked were answered with pure lies.  He was just trying to sell me and would say anything to get me to sign on the dotted line.  By the end of the conversation he said we couldn't do business together because I was asking too many questions and wasn't "listening to him".  "He has been in the industry for years and knows it better than anyone.  So anyone telling me different is wrong!!!" 

Be VERY CAREFUL no matter how comfortable you may feel because of who you THINK you're about to do business with.  Unfortunately my industry is filled with dishonest salespeople.  Do your homework and stay safe.  If you want Card Solutions Int'l to verify an offer, please don't hesitate to call us.  If you aren't going to do business with us, we at least want you to do business with a reputable company.

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